About Us
Management Team

The members of the management team of Wild Rose Co-op are:

Carol L. Rollheiser, General Manager

Hal Reid, Controller

Rick Stang, Operations Manager

Crystal Zinck, Human Resources Manager

      Boris Javor, Human Resources Advisor

Jill Beesley, Office Manager

     Shirley Sinclair, Credit Supervisor

Colleen Kerr, Accountant

Stephen Elley, Loss Prevention Manager

Tony Metivier, Gas Bar Operations Manager

     Lee Ann Samoisette, Assistant Gas Bar Manager - East Side

Neil Bratrud, Agro Division Manager

      Melissa Drydyk, Bin and Equipment/Feed Sales Manager

      Kirtisha Van Platten, Agronomist

      Tom Clark, Crop Supplies Manager, Sedgewick

      Ralph Danderfer, Crop Supplies Manager, Viking

           Mark Heisler, Assistant Crop Supplies Manager, Viking

Neil Ashman, Farm and Home Centre Manager

            Kim Farrell, Hardware Supervisor

Kel Tetz, Petroleum Manager

     Sarah Shield, Petroleum Supervisor 

Brent Edwards, Camrose Food Manager

     Paul Samoisette, Grocery Manager

     Glen Levy, Meat Manager

     Kevin Baska, Produce Manager

     Crystal Desjarlais, Deli Supervisor

Eric Heistad, Killam Food Store Manager

     Ken Twitchell, Assistant Manager

     Garry Buchholz, Meat Manager

     Wendy Reister, Bakery Supervisor

     Rhonda Jacobs, Produce Supervisor

Anita Heisler, Sedgewick Food Store Manager

Kevin Tulloch, Maintenance Manager